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The project is a special system designed to protect car drivers from solar glare. It was found out that in the newly constructed tunnel in Espoo, during November and December, the sun is aligned almost perfectly with the tunnel, and shines deep into it, possibly temporarily blinding the drivers.

A glare shield was necessary to secure the safety of the traffic. However, a fixed structure would have been much too large in the setting and in the scenery. Our solution is a sun-tracking arm with a large fixed translucent disk. The robotic arm is programmed to always position the disk between the sun and the tunnel, providing perfect glare shielding.

The project is also an object of art, with its striking looks and the slowly moving robotic arm. During one year, the arm is never exactly in the same position.

The structure stands on conrete posts, with a lightweight cable-stabilized steel section structure in between, spanning 120 meters.

During the night the disk has a double function as an artificial moon in the scenery.

  Driver view 13:00 13:30
  14:00 14:30 15:00
  15:30 16:00 Night function

See animation here