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The city of Loviisa organised an invited design competition for a water tower. The economical constraints were very strict. At the same time, the intended volume of the tower was extremely high in regards to costs and the scenery. We chose a solution in which a traditional, rational water tower is clad with metal sheets, to form a stepped silhouette which looks like concentric circles on water when viewed from below. The cladding also provides the mandatory service space for the main tank. We reachd the 2nd place in regards to architeture and functionality. The winner of the competition can be found here.    
Daytime Views of the Tower Evening Views    


Project type: Invited Architectural Competition, 2nd place

Project size: 2000 m3

Location: Loviisa, Finland

Date: 2010/11

Team: Mäkiaho & Marttinen Architects: Juhana Marttinen & Harri Mäkiaho, Finnish Consulting Group: Mikko Kaira, Kari Lomperi