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The City of Turku organised an invited competition for the design of a pedestrian bridge crossing river Aura. The site is historically valuable and the scenery is easily disturbed. We designed a slender bridge, which would blend in the surroundings, but at the same time would be a work of art in itself. The surface of the bridge is alive with subtle reflections of the surroundings.The winner of the competition can be found here.  
Daytime Views Evening Views The Cladding System  


Project type: Invited Bridge Design Competition

Project size: Span 40m

Location: Turku, Finland

Date: 2010/11

Team: Mäkiaho & Marttinen Architects: Juhana Marttinen & Harri Mäkiaho, Finnish Consulting Group: Mikko Kaira, Kari Lomperi

Structural Design: Arup, United Kingdom