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The European Union has a different "Cultural Capital" every year. The City of Turku was chosen for 2011. The City organised a competition to find designs for a floating pavilion for the celebration year. The pavilion is intended for exhibitions, meetings and concerts.

The walls can be completely or gradually opened, depending on the weather conditions and desired lighting qualities. Within the pavilion, the visitor can experience being either enclosed from the surroundings, or at the very edge of the water and the scenery. During darkness, the pavilion is a white glowing object on the river. The structure can be dismantled easily for winter storage.

From the Jury report: "The pavilion is dreamlike in its sensuality, and simple and consistent" .

Full description (in Finnish)

Night View Day View Interior View 1 Interior View 2

Wall System Site Plan Plan, Section  

Project type: Open Architectural Competition, purchase

Project size: 200 m2

Location: Turku, Finland

Date: 2010/03

Team: Mäkiaho & Marttinen Architects: Juhana Marttinen, Harri Mäkiaho