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The City of Hudiksvall organised a competition for a new swimming hall. The project was intended to be built in two stages, first the swimming facility, and later the addition of a multipurpose sports/activities building to the complex.

The swimming hall incorporates ordinary swimming facilities, the "Magic Eye" for water sliding, a spa and a relaxation department for get-togethers and activities. The site is next to sea, and it is possible to swim outdoors both in the sea and in a pool in front of the building. Despite of the unusual shape, the floor plan is very functional and economic.

Full description (in Swedish)

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Floor plan Facades  

Project type: Open architectural competition

Project size: 5000 m2

Location: Hudiksvall, Sweden

Date: 2008/02

Team: Juhana Marttinen, Markus Wikar. Renderings by Markus.