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Proposal for the Holmenkollen Ski Jump international architectural competition 2007. The design celebrates the excitement and dynamism of ski jumping. The jump ttower is a cantilevered tower with a lightweight steel structure. The essential wind protection is made of translucent / perforated PTFE film, which covers the structure of the tower and is lit from underneath. The restaurants and administrative spaces are positioned very close to the ski-jump action itself. For a comparison check out the winner of the competition, by JDS Architects. Here is a link to the web camera on the JDS actual ski jump construction site.

Site Plan Schematic Facades and structure Section and wind protection
Perspective 1 Perspective 2    

Location: Oslo, Norway

Type: International competition

Team: Juhana Marttinen, Janne Laukka, Toni Väisänen, Mikko Steeg and Markus Wikar